We are Not A Number.
We make games, apps, and other media products.

We are an indie game development studio based in Turin, Italy. Our first in-house game is about to launch on Steam, but we are also geared to develop multiplaform games for other companies and existing IP. Our highly skilled and flexible team can focus on a range of services, from app building to interactive content creation for publishers and the educational industry.

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Our Games

Our first in-house project, Helheim, will soon launch on Steam and we are so excited about it!

B2B Development

Do you have a great idea for a game, or existing IP you’d like to monetise further through gamification?


Weather you have a hunch for a great consumer app, or you need a piece of tech to make a bigger project work, we can deliver!

Interactive Media

We specialise in motion graphics explainer videos, animated book trailers and educational interactive ebooks.

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